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Find Your Next Getaway transitioned to Web 3.0
and as of mid-June will be available only via ipfs://sciencevienna.crypto

The VIP Business Network is open to everyone who intends to explore approaches far beyond academic old-school matrix, random coolness and one's own silo.

The structural details about the ecosystem can be found hereYou can check if you meet the requirements for the network nodes program here.


is an entrepreneurial ecosystem and breeding ground for science- and knowledge management

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Creativity plays a key role in digital and global knowledge societies. It leads to formations of new professions which include a sensitivity for novel developments, hidden networks and challenges of the 21st century. With a constant drive for innovation, progress and seizing chances within change, science managers belong to a class related to scientists, engineers, musicians, artists, designers and entrepreneurs going far beyond the creative problem-solving of bog-standard lawyers, run-of-the-mill physicians and old-style managers​. At the nexus of science and crypto, sciencevienna is what Andy Warhol's Factory is to art, what Stefani Germanotta's House of Gaga is to music.

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