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The Founder 


...then becomes one when the first steps have been taken to cross barriers and boundaries. My search for the more has inspired many talented, ambitious and hard-working innovators so far; they are the propelling forces behind the curtains that life imposes on us. As unique personalities they give me in different ways of motivation the right feeling that I should not stop doing what I do. Many things are interdependent and sometimes we understand their meaning later on when changes in our orderly structures happen. From practice to theory to the meta-level with the perpetual questions of how and why. My BA degree in Musicology (Nov. 2013) took me on a journey through the History of Medicine (Josephinum Vienna, 2013/2014) to the open research field of History and Philosophy of Technoscience (2020). Unusual approaches, exploratory and interactive methods can open a space for the creation of something new, however keeping this entrepreneurial plantlet alive is a different story. Reading between lines and providing advise on the unspoken truths apart from the uniformities of mainstreams might be challenging at first but can be very rewarding after all.


What my clients appreciate most about me is that I practice the intersection of science and management in such a way that we leave behind obtuseness and go on philosophical expeditions to leave ideological constraints behind and move the imagination beyond its usual confines, to see the world in new ways, to bring the future into the present or at least this kind of future as delightful we would like it to be.

Alexander Mike Stachniewicz

Our Main Research Interests

  • Science- and Knowledge Management

  • Cryptoeconomics / Crypto- and Technopolitcs / Tokenomics

  • Finance and Funding in Science / Philosophy of Finance

  • Academic Cannibalism / Academic Capitalism

  • Forbidden knowledge at the intersection of postcolonial, ignorance and critical university studies

  • Blockchain based social media / Filmosophy / Network- and Data Science / Think Tanks / Netocracy 

  • Academic Entrepreneurship / Knowledge Transfer

  • Post - and transhumanist debates on the advancement of cryopreservation (cryonics/biostasis)



User experience (UX) & design events for Vienna's creative community. Learn about UX, socialize + interact, discuss hot topics. Debating since 2004

The Academy of Data Science in Finance is a non-profit initiative. We strive to expand and disseminate the knowledge in Data Science within the Finance Community - both in Academia and the Industry. Our Agenda is focused around Quantitative Asset Management [QAM], Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis [TSA], Credit Risk Analytics [CRA]


The international Viennese have made it to one of the most vibrant, successful, and connected cities in the world. METROPOLE is here to guide readers through it, help them share its best bits so they can do more of what they love and be proud to call Vienna their home town.


Fantasy Land