sciencevienna is a concept-creative foundation in sympathy with Günter Faltin's approaches, assumptions testing in practice and entrepreneurial design. sciencevienna's manifestation is dated back to July 8, 2017 when crypto-blogging account on blockchain based social medium steemit came into play and first began to shape its digital environment. On illustrious crypto-parties, meet-ups and events, sciencevienna served as nickname for Alexander Mike Stachniewicz.


The founder's original goal was to help and advice scientists to break out of ivory tower and tunnel vision, close the huge gap between theory and practice, science/research, academic job market and economy. Bringing the field and profession science management to life has always been the driving engine. How to finance research appropriately or alternatively should became a never ending story.


The jungle and ecosystem evolved into a VIP Business Network. VIP stands for Viennese Intellectual Property as reference to the founder's initial compositional material (Steemit Master Keys, among others) and groundwork during his time in Vienna. Aggregating different networks on the interface of science and economy to pool forces together resulted in a transfer from digital into the "real world". sciencevienna helping SMEs and in exceptional cases also the larger ones to adjust their R&D plans or to build up a research friendly environment from scratch, is the spirit of the distinguished consulting packages.

sciencevienna has a strong vision to change outdated methods and settings. It's disruptive character goes hand in hand with upheavals of and innovations within cryptoeconomics. The 4-column-structure (Digital Experiments, Consulting Packages, Partners, Portfolio) became official at the end of 2018.

Cryptonetworks are not Companies, they are neither a club nor a kind of special (scientific) community. The structurelessness in their structures allows proximity to a modern form of liberating movements, leaving the past behind and creating a future for new formats of leading-edge collectivization. 

sciencevienna has tendencies of rejecting academe's meritocracy. The best determined standards within a meritocratic system came under criticism of throwing valuable qualities under the bus: originality, creativity, curiosity, (com)passion, good will, ethical reflection, sense of and awareness for responsibility, commitment, judgment, initiative, imagination, irony, intuition, nuance or the capability of detecting biases.


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