sciencevienna or is an entrepreneurial ecosystem for science- and knowledge management. It serves as corroborative infrastructure for the following entities:


VIP Business Network 

is open to everyone who intends to explore approaches far beyond academic old-school matrix in association with the Enterprise Europe Network

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Network Nodes Program

is a spin-off which allows members to access the internal calendar with exclusive digital content. It offers a monthly cycle of changing events and networking opportunities on subscription basis.

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Business Networks Diversifier

explores local potential for specialized national chambers of commerce as prospective members of the superordinated European LGBTI Chamber of Commerce

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Cryptolover Undercover

is an artistic persona

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Ecosystem and/or Network Partners

constitute a collaboration either temporarily or for an indefinite period. They can be private or public bodies. They are enterprises with different legal status ranging from foundations, non-profits, cooperatives, sole proprietorships, limited liability companies (GmbHs included) to stock corporations. A selection with details can be found here.



Owner & Founder of

Alexander Mike Stachniewicz, BA

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