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Aphropean Partner / Frontiers of Dialogue Forum is an independent business network platform bringing together global minds through a hybrid of events, comprise forces to overcome international business barriers of capital, know-how, goods and services. Aphropean Partners is a specialised communication agency for championing diversity & internationalisation. Our focus is to support organisations that are ready for the future of work. We work with consultants, small-medium enterprises and non-profit organisations that are seeking global growth, putting customer engagement at the heart of our strategy, creativity and knowledge management capability.


Coopérative Partner / Kleros - Blockchain Dispute Resolution Layer. 

Société coopérative d’intérêt collectif par actions simplifiée à capital variable (SCIC SAS). The rise of the digital economy created labor, capital and product markets that operate in real time across national boundaries. The P2P economy requires a fast, inexpensive, decentralized and reliable dispute resolution mechanism. Kleros is a decentralized court system for the internet. Jurors are incentivized in a genuine node system to vote honestly. The probability to be drawn as a juror is proportional to the amount of deposited pinakion tokens (PNK). After candidates have self-selected specific courts and deposited their tokens, the final selection of jurors is done randomly. The incentive scheme is based on the Schelling Point principle. Cryptocurrencies are helping millions achieve financial inclusion. Kleros will do the same in access to justice by enabling arbitration in a large number of contracts that are too costly to pursue in court. Just as Bitcoin brought “banking for the unbanked”, Kleros has the potential to bring “justice for the unjusticed”.


Scientific Advisor / Raspberry Dream Labs 

Sitting at the intersection of art, academia, and business, Raspberry Dream Labs tackles one of the most intricate subjects of being human - sex. Founded by Angelina Aleksandrovich, we are a team of artists and engineers drawn together to create innovative multi-sensory solutions for cybersex. We’re setting out to break the taboos concerning sexuality and create a healthy sex-positive future by introducing a new era of sexual experiences that are no longer restricted by the limitations of the human body. For further information refer to the partnership announcement.

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